“The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair, but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.” -Woody Allen.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an artist. But I do love writing.

When I set myself the terrifying personal goal of owning my story in a very public way, I never expected to find an audience. And I never expected to stumble on an antidote for the seeming emptiness of existence…

Finding hope in the most unexpected places.

I started this project in October 2014. Here I am, 2+ years on, still in the process of writing a chapter book-style reflection of my life post January 2013. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

And yes, there have been some shit-house ugly moments.

But in a state of total brokenness, through the raw and agonising grief of a cheating husband who walked out on me (and went on to start a new life and family without me) and on the grief-stricken road of learning to live with constant brokenness, I found wholeness, freedom and peace in a God who specialises in turning my shit-house ugly moments into sparkles, snowflakes and a pink guitar. Hope.

No, God is not my genie making my wishes come true.

In fact, I usually get exactly what I don’t want!

But even though this is not the life story that I chose or wanted, everyday I truly and whole-heartedly thank God for having different plans for my life than what I had for myself.


20something and divorced is my space to do what I love: Write!

Not because I think my story is particularly special. It’s not. And not because I think I am fabulously insightful. I’m not. I can only lay claim to being a quirky mess who has an abundant life thanks to Jesus. Yes, I found the Jesus thing to be real.

What can you expect?? Honesty. Truth. Pain. Anger. F-bombs. And grace. Amazing grace.

So, why make my ramblings public?? Some of the greatest qualities that I admire in others are honesty, openness, vulnerability and authenticity.  If I am to truly own my story, it should be with the openness and authenticity that comes from sharing our struggles and celebrating our scars.

Now then, to get started… Click on the above ‘The Fine Print’ tab for – you guessed it! – the fine print. And then if you’re still keen to read on, pour yourself a pot of tea – or perhaps something stronger! – and make your way over to Chapter 1: Disaster Friday

13 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Love this Welcome page, especially the part about God “turning [your] shit house ugly moments into sparkles, rainbows and a pink guitar!”

    You’re not alone, sadly many of us have been there. But I will look forward to reading more of your journey. Thanks for stopping by My Pink Champagne Life, please hang out anytime!!!

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  2. Ess! I absolutely love you already!! Love your photo. Love that you’re different. Love that you stand out from the crowd. Love that you are already connecting with us in your Welcome. Love the Truth, your honesty. Love that you love Jesus. Your writing. I can promise you – this is so much better than therapy. Share your heart – and I promise, we’ll listen.

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  3. My dear departed from the divorce/dating scene,

    I enjoyed chapter 31!( I have some back tracking to do ,yet) Even though the words I don’t say have been read, I anticipated finishing it tonight after reading a few lines this morning. Worth the wait!

    You have been through an incredible experience and share the story of your life with eloquence. I’m in awe of how great God is. The depth of His Grace is shed on you. His transforming power refines you and the rawness of your tragedy is used to draw others in.

    If you do decide to date again, tell the(hopefully) gentleman that he needs to let you know if he chooses to part ways at some point in the dating game. When you both invest so much of yourselves in the forming of a friendship, It is called mature and decent to part ways gently and compassionately. (Somehow, I think he will reap some of his own dish.)

    I understand why you grieved the hope torn from your heart and soul when you discovered the consequences(baby) of your ex and his adulterer partner. Wham! You were hit again! But he and she will reap something they did not bargain for. Sin takes you further than you want to go and keeps you longer than you wanted to be. It’s roots run deep and the only way for their redemption and restoration is to surrender in repentance and allow God to be with them through the consequences they must suffer.

    Count your blessings you have escaped and are a much better person today. May God use your story to strengthen, give hope,and encouragement so others may know Jesus is with them in the crisis of their lives.

    I love reading your inclusion of Ecclesiastes. And Jeremiah 29:11 is one of the verses I’ve taught to children in Bible Quizzing(years ago) and now write it on the card I give as they come of age and graduate.

    God bless your writing!

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  4. Ess, it must be God’s plan for me to come across your blog. We have so much in common. I am 26 this year, married 2.5 years, was trying for children but sadly lost one this Jan. And both my husband and I are christians or so i thought he was. He came clean with me just a month about a girl at his work. So yea, you pretty much can guess what happened. Only thing is, he has yet to send me the papers and stuff. Btw, i am also a teacher! I have finished reading through all the chapters and I must say, darn, there are soooo many things I can relate, so much I have learnt from you, God has also spoken to me alot through your blog posts. I am so glad to see how happy and fulfilling your life is, despite that dramatic episode. You are such an inspiration and I pray God will see me through this difficult period the way He did for you. 🙂

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    1. What a blessing your message is, Velle. You sound amazing. Remember your heavenly father loves you infinitely and He will painstakingly re-build you with gold. Google ‘kintsukuroi’; it’s a type of Japanese art. Look it up on Google… I have a feeling your life will mirror it 😉 xox


  5. Love your blog!! I decided to visit your space after reading your comment on my recent post… and am glad I come across here. 🙂 Just letting you know am here for you and looking forward more of your post! 🙂

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