About Ess Bell

IMG_1757Essie “Ess” Bell is a Junior Primary teacher from South Australia.

First and foremost, Ess is a follower of Jesus Christ.

Her family and friends are her estate.

Ess is currently studying a Masters degree in Education & Theology.

She is a Figure Skater and dabbles in guitar.

Born with a pen in one hand, Ess has always loved journaling and writing.

Ess also loves travelling, animals, over-sized sunglasses, pastel pink lipstick, music festivals and I Dream of Jeannie. Ess can usually be found enjoying a large cup of tea (or glass of Molly Dooker’s The Boxer Shiraz if it’s after 5 o’clock somewhere in the world 😉 ).

You are welcome to write to Ess at essbell@outlook.com


2 thoughts on “About Ess Bell

  1. Hi Ess, thanks for stopping by my blog and for teaching kids! It’s such a worthy job and not many people have what it takes. Sounds like you’re a life long learner too. Always blessed to meet a sister in Christ 😉

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