Chapters in Order

Chapters currently available…

Chapter 1: Disaster Friday

Chapter 2: Is it Me or Her?!

Chapter 3: This was Calculated.

Chapter 4: Please Help Me, God.

Chapter 5: Love and The Half-dead Kangaroo

Chapter 6: The In-Laws And The Mother of all Grudges

Chapter 7: Un-accepting Reality

Chapter 8: A God Who Stoops

Chapter 9: Crazy Lady Alert

Chapter 10: They are happy!?!

Chapter 11: Death, heaped with a pile of shit

Chapter 12: Perfect Peace And The Rings Come Off

Chapter 13: In the Stranger

Chapter 14: I am Sad

Chapter 15: Made New (not perfect)

Chapter 16: Conquering Mountains

Chapter 17: Fairness, Forgiveness and other F-words

Chapter 18: The Pink Guitar

Chapter 19: Free Will and Throwing Ink Pots

Chapter 20: Bon Voyage and C’est La Vie

Chapter 21: (not yet released)

Chapter 22: Snowflakes and Sparkles

Chapter 23: Cha-Cha Steps, Intruding Questions, and The Impossible!

Chapter 24: Plan B

Chapter 25: Grace Upon Grace

Chapter 26: Anam Cara

Chapter 27: Alice, Dorothy, Single at a Wedding, and Electric Blankets

Chapter 28: Sunshine Blogger Award & The Meaning of Life

Chapter 29: My Church of Quirks

Chapter 30: The Trust Mug & The D-Word

Chapter 31: Divorce & Dating: My Unwanted D-Words

Chapter 32: That corrosive, life-changing love

Chapter 33: 30AF & permission to change

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